2008 COP Report


Building Knowledge and Skills in Handling HIV and AIDS Issues among OFWS

As a small business enterprise employing few people, PRIMEX does not have elaborate corporate social responsibility programs or projects.

However, we are committed to continue upholding the principles of the Global Compact and will integrate applicable principles in our operations and in our dealings with our clients.

In particular, our Company has been supporting the Environment-related Principles, not only through our involvement in the design and implementation of different fisheries and coastal resource management-related projects of government agencies in the Philippines and Indonesia, but also by supporting activities on environment protection such as being a major sponsor in the free showing of the documentary film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, in Philippine movie houses.

PRIMEX upholds the Global Compact’s ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

  • Human rights in the workplace – PRIMEX provides its staff with safe and healthy working conditions with medical benefits, insurance, and additional transportation allowance to meet the increasing prices of fuel while for its consultants, PRIMEX ensures that they are covered with travel insurance and are located in safe housing facilities in assignments out of the home office;
  • Not complicit in human rights abuses– PRIMEX condemns systematic and continuous human rights abuses;
  • Upholds the freedom of association and right to collective bargaining – PRIMEX is a small organization and has no union but its leadership is open to listen to suggestions and requests from staff; sometimes, PRIMEX anticipates the needs of its staff and provides for these needs even if unsolicited;
  • Eliminates all forms of compulsory labor– PRIMEX has a self-motivated staff committed to excellence in their work, thus, if a deadline has to be met, the staff take it upon themselves to meet that deadline even if it calls for extra time inputs which is compensated by management with additional remuneration and food;
  • Abolition of child labour – PRIMEX does not support child labour;
  • Elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation – PRIMEX provides employment opportunities to staff who have limited physical capacities by allowing them to work from the home and submit their work online;
  • Supports a precautionary approach to environmental challenges – In recognition of a global effort to minimize global warming, PRIMEX instills its own efforts by turning off the lights between 12:00 noon to 1:00 in the afternoon, recycling paper, and reducing paper use by submitting electronic documents;
  • Encourages the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies – PRIMEX-CESD supports the production of biofuels and organic fertilizers.
  • Business should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery – PRIMEX is not in the practice of greasing its way to success – PRIMEX plays fair and does not bribe officers of funding agencies to win contracts.