Health, Nutrition, and Social Protection

Innovations and Multisectoral Partnerships to Achieve Control of Tuberculosis
(IMPACT) Project
PhilippinesOct 2012 - Sep 2017USAIDAID-492-A-12-00014
Second Lower Secondary Education for the Most Disadvantaged Areas Project (LSEMDAP II)Viet NamMay 2013 - May 2014ADB TA 8207-VIE
Guangxi Nanning Vocational Educational Development ProjectChinaMar - Jun 2013ADBTA 8158-PRC
Nutritional Improvement for Community Empowerment (NICE) ProjectIndonesiaJan 2010 - Mar 2012ADB/DCN-MOHLoan 2348-INO (SF)
Employment Skills Training Project (Loan 2028): RSC-C13537 (MLDMaldivesNov 2011 - Jan 2012A73929
Support for HIV and AIDS Prevention in InfrastructureIndonesiaMar 2009 - Mar 2010ADBTA 7047-INO
Fighting HIV and AIDS in Asia and the Pacific – Subproject 5: Strengthening
Country Response to HIV and AIDS among High-risk Groups
PhilippinesJun 2007 - Jun 2009ADBTA 6321-REG
Strengthening Epidemiological Surveillance and Response for Communicable
Malaysia, and
Jun 2006 - Aug 2008ADBTA 6305-REG
Integrated Maternal, Neonatal, Child Health/Family Planning (MNCHN/FP): Regional Project in the VisayasPhilippinesMar 2013 - Mar 2018USAIDAID 492-12-000006
KALAHI-CIDSS National Community Driven Development Project (KC-NCDDP):
Process Evaluation of Project Implementation in Yolanda-affected Municipalities
Philippines21 Oct 2014 - 30 Jun 2016Department of Social Welfare and Development
Second Secondary Education Sector Development 2 - Project Preparatory Technical Assistance ConsultantsViet Nam18 June 2015 - 14 June 2016ADBTA 8698