Natural Resources Management

Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Biodiversity Conservation Corridors ProjectLao PDRJun 2012 - Mar 2019ADB/MONREGrant No. 0242-LAO (SF)
Ecosystem Improved for Sustainable Fisheries (ECO-FISH)PhilippinesOct 2012 - Sep 2017USAIDAID-492-C-12-00008
Coastal and Marine Resources Management in the Coral Triangle: Southeast AsiaIndonesia, Malaysia, and
Aug 2012 - Aug 2016ADBTA 7813-REG
Regional Cooperation on Knowledge Management, Policy, and Institutional
Support to the Coral Triangle Initiative
Indonesia, Malaysia,
Papua New Guinea, Philippines,
Solomon Islands, and
Timor Leste
May 2010 - Apr 2013ADBTA 7307-REG
Decentralized Framework for Sustainable Natural Resources and Rural
Infrastructure Management
PhilippinesJul 2011 - Oct 2013ADBTA 7716-PHI
Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Project, Phase II (COREMAP-II)IndonesiaApr 2005 - Aug 2011ADB/MMAFLoan 1962-INO
Southern Mindanao Integrated Coastal Zone Management ProjectPhilippinesJan 2001 - Jan 2007JBIC/DENRLoan No. Ph-P194
Fisheries Resources Management ProjectPhilippinesJun 1999 - Mar 2004 & Apr 2000 - Dec 2006DA-BFARADB Loan Nos. 1562/1563-PHI
& BIC Loan No. PH-P-197
Coastal Community Development and Fisheries Resource Management Project
IndonesiaNov 1998 - Dec 2005ADBLoan Nos. 1570/1571[SF]-INO
Coastal Resource ManagementPhilippinesMay 1996 - Sep 2004USAID/DENRAID-492-C-00-96-00028-00