Agriculture and Rural Development

Agriculture and Rural Development Project (Additional Financing)PhilippinesJun - Oct 2013ADBSC 100475 MON
Study on Distribution Mechanism Reform through Development of Wholesale
Market (Improvement of Post-harvest Handling and Marketing Facilities)
IndonesiaFeb - Sep 2011JICA
Nationwide Fishing Ports Development ProjectPhilippinesNov 2009 - Apr 2010JICA/PFDA
Developing Sustainable Livelihoods In Coastal Fishing Communities in Coastal
Fishing Communities in the Coral Triangle
PhilippinesMay - Aug 2010ADBRSC-C00394
Crop Diversification and Commercialization ProjectNepalJune 2009ADBContract No. A18543/
Mindanao Sustainable Settlement Area Development Program (MINSSAD)PhilippinesApr 2003 - Apr 2007JBIC/DARLoan PH-P 222
Livelihood Improvement in Central Coastal Provinces Project (LICCPP)Viet NamJul 2005 - Jun 2006ADBTA 4292-VIE
Commercial Agricultural Development Project: Pre-Loan Fact-finding MissionNepalApr 2005ADBTA 3949
Western Henan Agriculture Development ProjectChinaOct - Nov 2003ADBLoan 1814-PRC
Fujian Soil Conservation and Rural Development Project II: Project Completion ReviewChinaJul - Aug 2003ADBLoan 2082-PRC