Message from the OCG President and CEO: Both companies will build a stronger and better relationship for greater prosperity

OCG pres speech_PRIMEX at 30Thank you, Madam President, and good evening to theDirectors, employees, and friends of PRIMEX.

Thank you very much for inviting us to join you on the occasion of your 30th anniversary celebration today.

On behalf of our company, Oriental Consultants Global, we congratulate PRIMEX for reaching such a memorable achievement of 30 years of success in the consulting business.

In many ways, both our companies, PRIMEX and OC Global,are the same, working towards providing engineering solutions and improving the quality of life of people throughout the world.

OC Global has completed more than 3,000 projects in over 150 countries. We have been successful, especially in JICA-funded projects, while PRIMEX has been very successful in many ADB projects.

Today, together with PRIMEX, we have established good track records in many projects all over the world, and both our companies have developed a high level of respect foreach other. We firmly believe that the relationship between our two companies should be developed more and more to further stages, not only working together as project partners, but should also be extended to the management level.

ocg with eca_small

Therefore, we are really glad that both our companies have signed and agreed yesterday that OC Global would invest in PRIMEX for further collaboration, seeking more opportunities and success together.

We are sure that both companies will find ourselves proceeding to build a stronger and better relationship for greater prosperity.

OC Global looks forward to the future– the synergy of collaboration betweenOC Global and PRIMEX.

Again and lastly, congratulations on your 30th anniversary.

Thank you very much, ありがとうございました、Maraming Salamat Po (マラミン セラマポ).


— Mr. Eiji Yonezawa, President of Oriental Consultants Global
EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, Manila, 7 August 2019

Author: lmcaballero

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